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Beyond Diet Review: Does it Work?

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What is it?

The Beyond Diet is a weight loss plan that claims to be supported by over 700 different studies. It offers meal plans, coaching, tools, shoppinglists, recipes for fat burning meals, and an online community.

There is online support as well as an official guide for purchase. Over 3,000 recipes are offered and weight loss is said to be possible in 3 easy to follow steps. One can also purchase a detox version, low blood sugar variety for diabetics, and the regular Beyond Diet. Our review experts analyze many different weight loss diets and they’ve found the 18Shake Diet to be the most effective. It offers a meal replacement for appetite suppression and a diet pill that burns fat. Both are made with wholesome natural ingredientswithout any cheap additives or stimulants. Discover more information about the 18Shake Diet when you click the link provided here.

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Beyond Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

There are 3 key steps to this program:

Step one is to eat the 2 schedules meal plans. Visiting the online community is also advised for support. Step two is to adjust one’s metabolism. You discover which portions and foods are best to help increase metabolism for weight loss. Step three is where you take all the information you’ve learned and apply it. You can take advantage of recipes, tools, and meal plans.

There isn’t any specific information providedsuch as what the metabolism test consists of, or what the success journal to track progress looks like. This makes it impossible to judge the overall quality.

Our review experts have compiled a best of list of the highest rated weight loss diets.

Different recipes are featured online which use natural ingredients. The recipes consist of things like:

Chicken and black bean and quinoa chili. Mexican style quinoa. Bean-free chicken chili. Turkey black bean burgers. Chicken and veggie quinoa skillet. Lime and chili grilled chicken.

The following foods are not allowed:

Orange juice, soy milk, artificial sweeteners, wheat bread, and pasta.

It’s claimed that all these foods are a major reason why people gain weight. Though often seen as healthy, a video on the official website explains that these are all unhealthy.

A major claim made is that 20% of weight loss is attributed to exercise, and 80% is what you eat. That’s why the majority of the diet emphasizes eating wholesome foods.

The diet does not emphasize counting calories, and instead is meant to help people lose weight while eating healthier foods. It’s unknown if the foods provided are anymore effective for weight loss than other natural recipes.

The lack of information on why these specific recipes are offered makes it impossible to test the science behind this plan. They also fail to provide any proof to help show why one should try this diet.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake ffor better results.

Beyond Diet Quality of Ingredients

Avoiding chemical laden foods and processed foods are advised to as a way to help with weight loss. Instead there are natural recipes offered for people to cook their own foods. While this is a healthier way to diet, lowering calories is also necessary.

The diet emphasizes how it’s not necessary to count calories, but there has to be a caloric limit in order to help people lose weight. However, no evidence is provided to help show why this diet would be any more effective than any other meal plan that suggests cooking with whole ingredients.

There are many claims made by Beyond Diet which are not supported by any real evidence.  A video also mentions that if you don’t know what an ingredient is, you shouldn’t eat it. While this makes it more likely one wouldn’t eat processed foods, it’s still limiting and shows that ignorance is used to help people decide on what foods to eat.

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The Price and Quality of Beyond Diet

The basic Beyond Diet program sells for a yearlong access costing $47. This allows for access to the online forums, tools, recipes, meal plans, and a metabolism test.

It’s difficult to judge the overall quality since the website does not give specific examples of what they have to offer. They give the benefits without explaining the actual process.

A monthly option sold at $14.95 is also available to get workout videos, articles, monthly menus, and motivation. While the recipes contain only natural ingredients which is healthy, it’s unknown if the support is actually useful. You’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of Beyond Diet” that there were issues with the official guide.

A major issue with this plan is that it fails to provide sufficient information to help show why one should invest money. There is no evidence to show why the foods and recipes offered are any better for weight loss than other nutritious and all natural foods.

The price to make all these meals also needs to be considered. It’s unknown what the total cost would be to prepare all these foods.

Business of Beyond Diet

The name of the company is Live Smart Solutions LLC; their listed contact information is as follows:

Address: 4933 Main Street

Manchester Center, Vermont 05255

Phone Number: (800) 815-1941


The program was created by Isabel De Los Rios who has a degree in exercise physiology.

There are a total of 109 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. The majority 67 issues have to do with problems related to either service or the company’s product themselves. Here are some direct quotes taken from users:

“tried to contact company via phone to cancel my monthly subscription… numerousattempt with no one answering”

“have contacted the company 3 times in writing tasking them to cancel… They have not canceled my account, and continue to charge my credit card”

“They are a fraud/scam. I want the refund guarantee like was promised”

“Isabel De Los Rios Rip-off internet company did not supply weight loss program and cookbooks I ordered and paid for”

There were constant issues with people having to constantly email and call to try to cancel their orders and memberships. Customer service was nonexistent for many users who never received an email or phone call back.

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Customer Opinions of Beyond Diet

Quoted below are some reviews from users:

“Looks like the author tried to figure out what kind of book would sell on Amazon, and wrote it”

“it is very conflicting and has left me skeptical”

“just another typical author trying to make a quick buck selling her brand of snake oil”

“The book bills itself as a ‘complete’ guide, however if you look under foods for specific references to what to buy you’re going to see links. To web pages”

People found that the guide was not informative and that it was difficult to read. There were many citations to other websites which made it impossible to carry around to help with grocery shopping or on the go meal planning.

Another major issue was that customers mentioned that there was a lack of useful advice. See which weight loss diets were rated as the best by looking at the top ranked list.

Conclusion – Does Beyond Diet Work?

Beyond Diet emphasizes eating unprocessed foods that are suggested via recipes. There is no information on why the specific foods are chosen, but they do provide natural ingredients thatneed to be cooked at home. There are online tools, a community, recipes, meal planning tips, and the official guide. This diet fails to provide any evidence on why it would be any better than any other diet that emphasizes eating whole foods. There are many bold claims made without any proof to back them up. Also, a major issue with this plan is that customers have rated it unfavorably. People who bought the official book mentioned how the advice is unhelpful, and that it appears the author created it to sell other brands.

Our review experts have concluded that the best weight loss diet is called the 18Shake Diet. It’s a combination of a fat burning diet pill and anappetite suppressing meal replacement. They contain only pure, all natural ingredients without any stimulants, colors, preservatives, binders, fillers, or any cheap additives.  It has clinically studied ingredients which can help boost metabolism and improve overall health. The meal replacement is made with high protein and a wide array of vitamins and minerals, while the diet pill has wholesome plant based extracts.

The 18Shake Diet is manufactured in a GMP certified facility to ensure a third party tests for cleanliness, potency, and overall potency. Customer testimonials and reviews are also available that help showcase how effective it is for weight loss. Click the link provided here to learn more about the 18Shake Diet.